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Estimator360 automates and tracks all of your project based interactions with your clients including estimates, reporting, job progress, invoicing and payments.
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How can I manage labor & contractor schedules while keeping my client updated?

  • Estimator360 generates schedules automatically for all of your active projects.
  • Project schedules are automatically adjusted based on actual hours logged by crew members.

Give Your Construction Estimate a Kickstart

  • Start your construction project fast using our built-in project templates so that you can hit the ground running.
  • Modify our construction project templates to your project specs and watch your estimate update on the fly.

Send Your Construction Estimate Directly to Your Customer

  • Estimator360 construction estimating software builds beautiful construction documents.
  • You can customize your documents using your brand and mission statement so that you can retain your brand identity.
  • The documents you create include the necessary Proposals, Alternates Contracts, and Change Orders. Estimator360 creates your documents automatically from the assembly structure.
  • Customers can sign and award your contracts and change orders digitally so that you do not waste time executing.

Create Project Schedules Automatically

  • When customers sign and award your contracts, Estimator360 construction estimating software builds your schedule and budget instantly.
  • Estimator360 construction management tools are now ready to work because your project is active.
  • View your project in a calendar view which provides a complete project at a glance.
  • Your budget is visible using a pie chart, which updates dynamically as your team adds labor and material costs.

Save time and money with more accurate estimates

Ditch the complexity of multiple systems for a single platform that does it all​

Digital Takeoff Tool

Upload your plans and trace with your mouse to capture the plan quantities. Estimating projects has never been easier!

Proposals and Contracts

Automatically create proposals and contracts using approved estimates and change orders. Then send to your clients for electronic signatures.

Project Management

Quickly see project schedules and assign tasks to crew members so you can be confident you'll finish on time.

Crew Time Tracking

Crew members log time with our mobile app to track estimated versus actual hours. Seamlessly sync to QuickBooks for lighting-fast payroll

Don’t do it unless you want to make more money and have a more effective business.

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We have a much more accurate estimate, better materials control, much better labor control, and we are profitable on every job without having to guess whether or not we would be.

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“Estimator 360 systemizes your estimating in a clear and simple manner allowing for speed and accuracy. They are constantly listening to new ideas and input from users as they perfect and develop new features in the software.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our FAQs to answer the questions you have.

Estimator360 generates schedules automatically for all of your active projects. Project schedules are automatically adjusted based on actual hours logged by crew members.

Proposals are automatically generated when your estimate is complete. Contracts are generated when proposals are approved. You can customize your proposals, track activity, send, and allow clients to accept electronically.

Change orders are automatically generated when a client changes contract items. You can track activity and allow your customers to accept change orders electronically.

All information and activity regarding your clients, suppliers, and contractors are tracked. Track subcontractor information such as certificate of insurance and eliminate double entry.

Your crew can punch in and out of a project from anywhere on any device. Real-time data is automatically tracked against your project and adjusts the project schedule.

Your Estimates will generate purchase orders automatically. You can setup delivery dates and receive material order reminders based on your project schedule.

Invoices are automatically generated based on contracts and change orders. You can send and track all invoice activity, and accept payments online.

Just ask us- our support staff is quick to respond and let you know if Estimator360 is right for your business. Remove the pain of creating estimates with Estimator360 cloud-based construction estimating software.

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