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Keep all leads and client communication organized and accessible

Digital Takeoff

Define the work area, take measurements and add counts.


Create accurate estimates in less time than traditional methods

Subs & Supplier Bidding

Send and receive bids from suppliers that flow directly into estimates

Project Management

Proposals & Contracts

Estimates automatically create proposals and contracts


Project schedule is auto generated from the estimate

Change Orders

Manage project changes with ease and accuracy

Financial Tools


Get paid faster with online invoicing


Quickbooks Online Integration

Pushes data to QuickBooks eliminating double entry

Purchase Orders

Easily get the materials you need, on budget and on time


Mobile App

Take Estimator360 with you wherever you go

Crew Time Tracking

Punch in/out time logging from any device

Client/Crew Updates

Keep everyone aware of the project timelime and risks


Home Builders

Residential Remodelers

Light Commercial

Modular Builders

Lumber Yards

With processes efficencies (Which Estimator360 plays a big part) we can handle multi-million-dollar projects with 2.5-man crew and reliable equipment within a reasonable amount of time.

Tony Kania

Crew Built Inc.

Need Help?


Get help using the tool , technical support or with questions about how Estimator360 can work for you

Help Center

Current users can access walk throughs, guides and informational articles all built to help get the most out of Estimator360

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Late Payment Solutions for Construction Companies

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Digital Takeoff


Subs & Supplier Bidding

Proposals & Contracts


Change Orders

Financial Tools



We work with

Home Builders

Residential Remodelers

Modular Builders

Light Commercial





Help Center

Built by a home builder for home builders.

What you do is complex and you need the right tool for the job.

Ready to Go – Out of the Box

Unlike with other construction managment software, Estimator360 is built with everything you need to begin your next project. Starting from scratch is a thing of the past.

Pre-built Division Structure

Divisions have been designed using 22 years of industry knowledge. Create checklists automatically and eliminate missing labor and materials.

Accurate Labor & Materials

Quickly calculate labor & materials needed for the project areas you assign them to.

New Construction Assemblies

In-depth, new construction Assemblies are built in to make every project successful

Customizable to the way YOU work

Unlike other construction management software, Estimator360’s Smart Assemblies and near infinite options are ready to work the way you do.

However if you can’t find the right option in the Pre-Built Assemblies, you can create your own Custom Assemblies and attach them to any Division for any Project if needed.

Cut Down on the Repetitive Tasks

System templates dramatically reduce estimate creation time and are customizable to the exact way YOU work. Create your own custom templates for future work.  


Estimate with Peace of Mind

Have confidence that the estimates your provide to your client are accurate. You have the flexibility to calculate quantities from PDF plans, manually with dimensions or know SF or LF calculations applied to areas.

Know your numbers

Track labor from Estimator360’s mobile app to see actual versus estimated project hours. The system can recalculate labor ratios for future estimates based on your productivity rate.

Work With Your Existing Network

Invite your suppliers to price out your materials and your subcontractors can bid on your projects, all online. Compare supplier & subcontractors costs instantly.

Never be Short on Materials

A detailed material list is generated so you will not be short on materials. The system tells you exactly WHERE those materials go because you have already assigned them to an area of the project.

Track All Documentation with Ease

Track project documentation from start to finish through proposal, contract, change order, purchase order and invoices. Know when items were viewed and signed off on.

Ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using cloud-based software?

With cloud-based estimating software you can easily manage your estimates from anywhere on any device. You are no longer tied to an office computer or software updates.

How can I get current pricing for the exact materials in my estimate?

To get accurate pricing in your estimates, Estimator360 connects you to your trusted suppliers you already use. Suppliers can update pricing and your estimates are updated automatically.

How can I quickly update an estimate when my client requests changes?

You can quickly create and update your estimates using project templates. Estimator360 provides a growing list of pre-built estimating templates that you can modify or create new custom templates.

How do I build and manage assemblies to use in my estimate?

Estimator360 includes Smart Assemblies which allows you to create and manage assemblies on the fly. Create and manage thousands of labor and material assemblies to sync your estimates and contracts.

How can I request bids from several suppliers for my estimates?

With Estimator360 you can invite one or several suppliers to bid on your project electronically. When bids are submitted you will see a cost comparison chart for suppliers and contractors.

How can I make sure specific materials are used for the correct area?

Your saved estimate will generate a detailed material list that you and your crew can access from anywhere. Materials can be sorted by area, division, assemblies, supplier or contractor.

Can I offer my client options or alternates in my estimate?

Yes, Estimator360 allows you to provide options & alternate pricing to your client. Your estimate will display your options and alternates in a way that is easy for your customer to compare.

How do I know if Estimator360 is right for me?

Just ask us - our support staff is quick to respond and let you know if Estimator360 is right for your business. Remove the pain of creating estimates with Estimator360 cloud-based construction estimating software.

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