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Keep all leads and client communication organized and accessible

Digital Takeoff

Define the work area, take measurements and add counts.


Create accurate estimates in less time than traditional methods

Subs & Supplier Bidding

Send and receive bids from suppliers that flow directly into estimates

Project Management

Proposals & Contracts

Estimates automatically create proposals and contracts


Project schedule is auto generated from the estimate

Change Orders

Manage project changes with ease and accuracy

Financial Tools


Get paid faster with online invoicing


Quickbooks Online Integration

Pushes data to QuickBooks eliminating double entry

Purchase Orders

Easily get the materials you need, on budget and on time


Mobile App

Take Estimator360 with you wherever you go

Crew Time Tracking

Punch in/out time logging from any device

Client/Crew Updates

Keep everyone aware of the project timelime and risks


Home Builders

Residential Remodelers

Light Commercial

Modular Builders

Lumber Yards

With processes efficencies (Which Estimator360 plays a big part) we can handle multi-million-dollar projects with 2.5-man crew and reliable equipment within a reasonable amount of time.

Tony Kania

Crew Built Inc.

Need Help?


Get help using the tool , technical support or with questions about how Estimator360 can work for you

Help Center

Current users can access walk throughs, guides and informational articles all built to help get the most out of Estimator360

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Late Payment Solutions for Construction Companies

As a construction company, getting paid on time is crucial to the success of your business. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for clients to fall behind on their payments, which can create financial strain and disrupt your workflow. If you are dealing with a client...

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Digital Takeoff


Subs & Supplier Bidding

Proposals & Contracts


Change Orders

Financial Tools



We work with

Home Builders

Residential Remodelers

Modular Builders

Light Commercial





Help Center

Construction software that makes you more money

Total construction management solution, everything you need to save time and grow your business from the first measurement to the final payment.

Win More Jobs

Quickly create bids without sacrificing accuracy

Reliable Profit Margins

Estimator360 learns from your past projects

Exceed client expectation

Keep your clients in the loop – effortlessly

Some of our customer’s

Favorite Features

Estimator360 allows you to upload PDF plans to your construction projects and use them with digital takeoff to create an accurate estimate directly from your blueprints.

Preconstruction Software

Digital Takeoff

Quickly and accurately measure and estimate the materials and labor needed for a project using your digital blueprints.

Generate estimates with all labor and profit margin using prebuilt assemblies or csutom built assemblies to save time during the estimating process.

Estimating Software

Estimate Generation

Create powerful, detailed estimates for all your projects faster than ever before with more accuracy.

Pull all labor and assemblies into your project calendar automatically using the data from your estimate.

Project Management Software

Crew Managment

Punch in/out time logging from any device and track your project against your estimate in real time.

Solutions for every industry

The perfect tool for you

Home Builders


Modular Builders

Light Commercial

About Us

Built by a home builder

Looking back over my 30+ years in the construction industry, it’s fun to see the path from 12-year-old summer roofer to business owner. As so many of us in this field, I learned by doing: from helping my uncle between school years, to starting a construction company, and finally branching out into construction management. As my roles changed and business picked up I learned that the labor in the field was much simpler than the management of a company. My eye for detail on the job site carried over to the estimating side and I noticed a big hole in the construction management space. I was wasting too much time behind the desk and I wanted the clients I was working with to have a better experience. I needed to do more in less time. After dealing with the frustrations of many “over promising software solutions,” I set out to find a better program. When I couldn’t find one, I created my own. Estimator360 is a construction estimating solution that was designed specifically for the builder.

It’s my hope that as a user of our solution you’ll find the stress and guesswork of estimating eliminated. Our program removes costly mistakes from outdated/redundant processes that so often sabotage your profits. But most importantly, Estimator360 will allow you to spend more time enjoying life with your family and friends.

Paul Messner    CEO of Estimator360

Paul Messner, CEO of Estimator360
Screen shot of the Estimator360 Crew Mobile App
Mobile App

Access from Any Device

Keep your crew in the know

The project scope is listed out right in the app so your whole team knows exaclty what needs to be done and where.

No more manual time sheets

Your crew will always be able to keep you updated on what they have completed. Project progress is tracked in real time. 

Take photos on the job site

Have an issue to bring up with a subcontractor, crew member or client? Snap a picture, draw or annotate and send! Simple as that!


No hidden fees or locked features.

Many tools limit the features or number of projects that you can have on a basic plan. We offer everything, with no limits, in one simple plan. You can pay as you grow by adding estimators as you need them. 

Pay As You Grow

Additional Estimator
  • Add or remove Estimators for one flat rate. Each Estimator you add comes with 10 Team members

What Our Clients Say

Esitmator360 has become part of my daily routine especially for the mornings. Depending what needs to happen I may be on Estimator360 anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours daily. The Digital Takeoff tool makes bidding a project fun.

I look forward to open Estimator360 daily.

Tony Kania | Crew Built Inc.

construction owners and estimators
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Questions about Estimating Software

What is construction estimating software?

Construction estimation software is an all-in-one solution that simplifies the estimating process, reduces costly mistakes, and streamlines the bid management and takeoff process. It’s an essential tool for businesses in the construction industry, enabling accurate calculation of project costs and preparation of project bids. A robust estimating tool allows for easy material and labor cost calculations, bid management, and takeoff process streamlining. Look for an all-in-one solution that can handle all aspects of the estimating process, ensuring your business has a comprehensive and efficient tool to maximize productivity and profitability.

Why do I need construction project management software?

Truth is, you might not. You could continue managing your construction projects by hand and risk losing jobs, under estimating job costs and allowing human error to cause disruptions to your profit margins. All top estimating software solutions will give you an advantage over manual estimating and management, you must decide what features make it worth the cost. Estimator360 is a stand out in the construction management space for its unique approach of centering the entire project around the estimate and automating the pieces that come after. If you are streched thin and wearing all the hats to run your construction business then you most likely do need construction project management software.

How does Estimator360 assist contractors with construction management?

Estimator360 assists contractors with construction management by simplifying the estimating process, streamlining bid management and takeoff processes, and providing project management tools. Its customizable assembly templates and dynamic estimating (adjusting a dimension and automatically recalculating all needed materials and labor) simplify material and labor cost calculations, while its bid management tool allows for easy bid creation and tracking. Its powerful takeoff tool streamlines the takeoff process, and its project management tools enhance communication and collaboration between team members, ensuring projects are managed efficiently.

Who is Estimator 360 made for?

Estimator360 comes with many features that are capable of serving many industries. Home builders and light commercial contractors will find that it works great for any project they require while remodlers and contractors will find it useful to turn off assemblies that are not used in their trade. Estimator360 has also built out many specialty assemblies and tools specifically for the modular building industry and the lumber yard industry. Estimator360 is a powerful tool that you can start putting to work today.

What is the best construction estimating software solution for home builders?

Estimator360 is a great option for home builders to save time by creating accurate estimates for your construction projects. Reduce the time you spend manually entering data into your project estimates.