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Keep all leads and client communication organized and accessible

Digital Takeoff

Define the work area, take measurements and add counts.


Create accurate estimates in less time than traditional methods

Subs & Supplier Bidding

Send and receive bids from suppliers that flow directly into estimates

Project Management

Proposals & Contracts

Estimates automatically create proposals and contracts


Project schedule is auto generated from the estimate

Change Orders

Manage project changes with ease and accuracy

Financial Tools


Get paid faster with online invoicing


Quickbooks Online Integration

Pushes data to QuickBooks eliminating double entry

Purchase Orders

Easily get the materials you need, on budget and on time


Mobile App

Take Estimator360 with you wherever you go

Crew Time Tracking

Punch in/out time logging from any device

Client/Crew Updates

Keep everyone aware of the project timelime and risks


Home Builders

Residential Remodelers

Light Commercial

Modular Builders

Lumber Yards

With processes efficencies (Which Estimator360 plays a big part) we can handle multi-million-dollar projects with 2.5-man crew and reliable equipment within a reasonable amount of time.

Tony Kania

Crew Built Inc.

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Buildertrend vs Estimator360

Both Buildertrend and Estimator360 have powerful estimating and construction management features that will meet the needs of most construction businesses… Yet their core structure, pricing, functionality and supporting features are what make them better for different construction companies.



Buildertrend Summary
Estimator360 Summary
Estimator360 vs Buildertrend Pricing
Estimator360 vs Buildertrend Digital Takeoff
Buildertrend vs Estimator360: Estimating
Buildertrend vs Estimator360: Materials List
Buildertrend vs Estimator360: Project Management
Estimator360 vs Buildertrend: Pros & Cons
Final Verdict: Estimator360 vs Buildertrend

Discover the tool your construction business has been missing.

We’ve compared the tools in five dimensions, crucial for construction management software:

1. Pricing
2. Digital Takeoff
3. Estimating
4. Materials List
5. Project Management

Here’s how they measure up: Buildertrend vs Estimator360.

Comparison Summary: Buildertrend vs Estimator360

is a construction management tool with enough features to satisfy varied and complex construction company requirements. It is built with scheduling at its core. Buildertrend is ideal for businesses that need powerful scheduling and client communication but don’t mind manually inputting lots of data at the beginning of a project.

Estimator360, on the other hand, is a full suite of tools to manage your buidling project, all built around it’s best-in-class estimating features. Despite having many prebuilt assemblies to help build an estimate, it offers many ways to customize and templetize the platform to work the way that is best for your construction business.





No Free Trial. Offers a starting rate of $199 – $799. Actual plan prices are $499 – $1099. Some features exclusive to higher teir plans.


Free 21 Day Trial. $369/mo for 2 Estimator. All features included in every plan. Pay as you grow,  +$92/additional Estimator

Digital Takeoff


Available through an integration with Square Takeoff.  Must upgrade to Advanced plan ($799/mo) to unlock takeoff feature.


Powerful feature that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the estimating process. Incliuded in all plan levels.



Lowest plan does not include estimating. Must manually create a cost database. You can send bids to suppliers.


Prebuilt assemblies and templates. Labor, items and markup included. Supplier bid requests give most up to date costs.

Materials List


Upload receipts or pull information from purchase orders. Integrate easily with Home Depot to manage box-store purchases.


Generated from an approved estimate. All materials, quantity, delivery information and project area included.

Project Management


Even Buildertrend’s Essential plan includes many robust project management features. Great client portal and options for selections on highest plan ($1099/mo).


Estimator360 has very powerful features that all work in sync and come in every plan. Less manual work involved with change orders.

Best For


Large crews with 7+ estimators that have the bandwidth to manually input redundant data for each step of the project process.


Home builders and remodelers with 1-6 estimators, modular builders, lumber yards and specialty contractors that want all the features without the huge price tag.

What is Buildertrend?

“Calming the chaos” for construction managers.

Snapshot of the Buildertrend homepage

Buildertrend started out as a construction scheduling tool in 2006.

Today it has grown to a company with over 1 million users across 100 countries. Buildertrend continues to grow and add to their offerings to help construction companies manage and grow their businesses. They have focused on adding many user requested features such as estimating, client selections, and most recently, digital takeoff.

What is Estimator360?

Total construction management software. The tool you have been missing.

Estimator360 homehage, total construction management software built for home builders, modular builders and lumberyards to streamline their business and make more money.

Estimator360 got it’s roots in 2016 as a tool for construction professionals to build intellegent estimates.

With a powerhouse team, Estimator360 has grown (and keeps growing!) to help automate many of the mundane tasks of selling and building projects. Because the platform was originally built to estimate, the software has a unique ability to pull information through the whole project without the need to re-enter information. This comes in handy when making change orders, offering alternate pricing, writing up contracts and proposals and even getting bids and sending out purchase orders to suppliers. Not only can home builders and remodelers utilize Estimator360 but there features designed specifically for Modular Builders and Lumber Yards.

Estimator360 is the tool you have been searching for. Schedule a demo to see it in action!

Estimator360 vs Buildertrend: Pricing

Estimator360 has a simple pricing structure – pay per estimator. No blocked features or hidden upgrades you don’t find out about until you have spent the time getting the software implemented.





Only Estimator360 offers a free trial.

You can try Estmator360 for free for 21 days (after you schdule and attend a demo). During that time you have support in setting up your company and starting your first estimate. Buildertrend, on the otherhand, offers a discounted 1st month. The basic plan starts out at $499/month with the first month at $199 – but that plan does not include all the Buildertrend features.

Buildertrend locks certain features to higher priced plans.

If you are excited about the idea of digital takeoff, change orders and purchase orders then you will need at least the mid-teir plan with Buildertrend, which costs $799/mo.

Pricing Winner: Estimator360

  • All features included in every plan level
  • Fair pricing model
  • Only pay more as your company grows.

Estimator360 vs Buildertrend: Digital Takeoff

Digital takeoff is the process of plans or blueprints to measure and count the necessary materials to complete a construction project. Before there were tools to assist with takeoff this was mainly a manual process that could take hours to finish and was not friendly to collaboration.





Estimator360 has digital takeoff built in

With Estimator360 digital takeoff is ready to go right out of the box. It was built from the ground up by a team with over 20 years of construction experience. You can easily upload plans and elevation and start getting accurate measruements and counts with a click of a button.

The areas and measurments you create will dynamically be applied to your project. As with all features of Estimator360 digital takeoff is available on every plan, no added cost.

See it in action below.

Buildertrends’s takeoff was bolted on and is not in all plans

Takeoff with Buildertrend is actually another product that has been bolted on: Square Takeoff, a digital takeoff software. There are usually connectivity issues and gaps created when adding a feature in this way rather than building it from the ground up with all the pieces of the original software in mind. Buildertrend released this feature in late 2022.

Buildertrend’s digital takeoff will still get the job done. Plans can be uploaded and measurements can be used when adding items to an estimate. It is important to note that takeoff is not available on the Essentials plan.

Estimator360 homehage, total construction management software built for home builders, modular builders and lumberyards to streamline their business and make more money.

Takeoff Winner: Estimator360

  • Digital takeoff built directly into software
  • Available on all plan levels

Estimator360 vs Buildertrend: Estimating

Here lies one of the main differences you will find between Estimator360 and Buildertrend. Estimating is an important piece of your project management and sales process. Powerful estimating features can make a world of difference for your construction business.





Only Estimator360 has all estimating features out of the box

Estimator360, as it’s name would suggest, was built with estimating at the core. That means that an estimate is the starting point of an intellegent project that will carry costs, materials and labor all the way through the project.

You must have the Advanced plan ($699/mo) in Buildertrend to unlock the estimating features. Once you have the ability to create estimates in Buildertrend you may find that there is more set up to do on a company level in order to begin using the feature.

For Estimator360 it is included and ready to go. Check out a quick demo of the estimating process:

Buildertrend requires manually entered cost codes.

Buildertrend takes the common “spreadsheet” approach to estimating where the estimator must work off of a list of set cost codes in order to organize an estimate. They offer many tips for how to work around this fact. One tip is to use category codes, like “appliances” as one code rather than “Maytag Refridgerator model 456” and “Bosch Dishwasher model 123”.

Estimator360 requires no cost code entry and instead uses dynamic items that are created as you create your takeoff plan. When you specify that there is an “appliance” on your plan you are able to specify exactly what that item will be. That allows for more accurate supplier bidding and is also pulled through to your detailed materials list and the purchase order you send to your supplier.

Estimating Winner: Estimator360

  • Accurate pricing without cost codes
  • Quickly create estimates using templates
  • Ready to start estimating out of the box
  • Available on all plan levels

Estimator360 vs Buildertrend: Materials List

A detailed materials list is crucial for a construction project to go smoothly. With a proper lists suppliers can bid on projects, crew will know where delivered materials go on the jobsite and you will have a tighter leash on costs and protect your profit margins.





Estimator360 generates a detailed materials list from your estimate

Estimator360 makes it a snap to have a detailed materials list that you can send to suppliers for bids, use as a checkpoint for crew receiving deliveries and manage all materials on the construction site. Not only will you see what materials you can expect in any given delivery but you will also know exactly where in the project those materials belong.

With Buildertrend you will find that you will have a list of items that you need for your project that are sorted by your cost codes (that you will need to develop and set up in the software). You are not guarenteed to have a highly detailed materials list, it will depend on how you choose to set up your account.

Estimator360 homehage, total construction management software built for home builders, modular builders and lumberyards to streamline their business and make more money.

Materials List Winner: Estimator360

  • Dymanic items create a highly detailed materials list
  • Includes project location for each item
  • Automatically generated from the estimate

Estimator360 vs Buildertrend: Project Management

Project management covers a wide range of features that are offered by both Buildertrend and Estimator360. From communicating with crew and clients to ensuring that your still in the green through out the project, there are many features that are important for a smooth opperation.





Estimator360 automatically creates the project schedule once an estimate is created based on the assemblies selected. The company labor ratios are fully editable to keep your crew’s estimated labor for any given task accurate. Estimator360’s pre-built division structure knows what needs to be done and will fill in the project schedule for you, all you need to do is review and change as needed.

Buildertrend was built as a construction scheduling tool. You can expect a robust scheduling experience for your construction projects though each schedule item needs to be created manually. Buildertrend’s schedule is great for collaborating with many stakeholders.

Both platforms offer a calendar view and a gantt chart view and you can also view all projects in one calendar view on your dashboard so that you don’t overbook your team.


Change Orders:
Estimator360 automatically creates change orders when a crew member logs time on an item that wasn’t in the estimate. Don’t worry – all changes must be approved by the project owner before being sent to the client for approval.

Buildertrend has a change order feature but they must be manually initiated and created. This is a step down from Estimator360’s intuitive change orders that require less leg work by the project manager.


Proposals and Contracts:
Estimator360 will auto-generate the whole contract from an estimtate with the click of a button. That means that any changes that are made as you go back and forth with your client will be synced instantly – no risk of human error.  Buildertrend does not offer contracts at all.

Buildertrend suggests using their proposal feature as a rough estimate. A tool to get a client a guesstimate quickly and then using estimates as a more accurate price once the proposal is agreed to.


Both offer a client portal to share schedule and photos of progress. Buildertrend’s system offers more robust communication. Keeping your crew updated on the latest project milestones is possible by using file uploads. Buildertrend also offers the ability to post Daily Logs and keep all stakeholders in the loop. Estimator360 does not have a Daily Logs feature.


Project Management Winner: Buildertrend

Buildertrend just slightly edges out Estimator360 because of the Daily Logs feature and a fuller experience with the Client Portal. Although Estimator360 can automate much af the project management to save time, the client facing features of Buildertrend are currently a little more robust.

Estimator360 vs Buildertrend: Pros & Cons

This article has covered quite a bit on the differences between Estimator360 and Buildertrend. Each of these tools will offer amazing features for any construction company. Here is a complete list of the Pros and Cons of each construction management software for you to easily compare.


Estimator360 Pros

FREE TRIAL available!
All features included
No cost codes needed
Less manual data entry
Create contracts with the click of a button
Paying per estimator means that you only pay more as your company grows (and never just to get additional functionality)
Automatically generated change orders
Automatically generated schedule from the estimate
Detailed Material List
Ready to go with prebuilt assemblies that you can customize

Estimator360 Cons

No client selections features
Takes time to learn
No integrations with Payroll/HR software or Box stores
No classes or certifications


Buildertrend Pros

Lots of knowledgebase resources and courses to learn how to use Buildertrend
Integrates with Payroll/HR,
and Home Depot
Higher plans offer client selections
Really nice client portal
Daily logs feature

Buildertrend Cons

No free trial, discounted 1st month
Takes time to learn
Must organize and enter all cost codes
Digital takeoff and estimates are only on higher plans
No contracts feature available

Final Verdict: Estimator360 vs Buildertrend

Most construction teams, small and large, will appreciate all the features and automation included with Estimator360. Large teams with extra admin capacity will love Buildertrend.

Specialized companies like Modular Builders and Lumber Yards will find that Estimator360 is far and beyond any capabilities of Buildertrend.



Best For


Large crews with 4+ estimators that have the bandwidth to manually input redundant data for each step of the project process.


Home builders and remodelers with 1-3 estimators, modular builders, lumber yards and specialty contractors that want all the features without the huge price tag.