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Subs & Supplier Bidding

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Change Orders

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Scheduling your construction crew the easy way.

Written by Estimator360

On June 1, 2023

Scheduling your Construction Crew with Estimator360

Are you tired of constantly dealing with scheduling conflicts and disorganized construction schedules? Look no further than Estimator360, the best construction scheduling software on the market. With our software, you can easily manage your construction projects, schedule your crew, and keep everything organized and on track.

A team of construction workers collaborating on activity planning and communication. Construction teams plan and coordinate their tasks to ensure successful completion of a project.

Inefficiencies in Construction Crew Scheduling and Their Costs

Unfortunately, many construction managers still rely on outdated and inefficient methods to create crew schedules. This can lead to a number of costly issues, including underutilized workers, wasted time, and increased project expenses.

For instance, some managers may try to create schedules using basic spreadsheets or paper-based systems, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. They may also rely on a manual process of assigning workers to tasks, which can result in workers being over or underutilized, leading to delays and increased costs. Additionally, some managers may fail to take into account factors such as worker availability, certifications, and experience when creating schedules, leading to further inefficiencies and errors.

All of these issues can add up to significant costs for construction projects, both in terms of time and money. Workers may become frustrated with inefficient scheduling practices, which can lead to decreased morale and increased turnover rates. Ultimately, construction projects can suffer from delayed timelines and increased expenses due to inefficient crew scheduling practices.


It’s clear that there is a pressing need for more efficient and effective crew scheduling methods in the construction industry. By utilizing modern technologies and software solutions, managers can create optimized schedules that take into account a wide range of factors, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved worker satisfaction.

Common Questions about Construction projects and scheduling:

What is the most popular method for scheduling construction projects?

The most popular method for scheduling construction projects is through Gantt charts, a type of bar chart that displays a project schedule. Gantt charts allow project managers to visualize and manage tasks and their interdependencies over time, and track progress against a timeline. This method allows for a clear understanding of the project timeline and critical path, enabling efficient allocation of resources and management of the project schedule. Many construction management software tools also incorporate Gantt charts into their platforms to make scheduling and project management easier and more efficient for construction managers and teams. 

How do you create a construction schedule manually?

1. Identifying the scope of work: Determine the tasks and activities required to complete the project. 

2. Sequencing tasks: Arrange the tasks in a logical order and determine dependencies between them.

3. Estimating time: Estimate the amount of time required to complete each task.

4. Allocating resources: Determine the resources needed to complete each task, such as labor, materials, and equipment. 

5. Creating the schedule: Use a construction scheduling software, such as Estimator360, to create the schedule, taking into account task sequencing, time estimates, and resource allocation.

6. Updating and monitoring the schedule: Continuously update and monitor the schedule throughout the project to ensure it remains accurate and on track.

How do I create a construction schedule in Excel?

You can create a construction schedule in Excel by following these general steps:

1. Open Microsoft Excel and create a new blank workbook.

2. Create a table with columns for the different components of your construction project, such as tasks, start and end dates, durations, resources, and dependencies.

3. Enter your project tasks and their estimated durations into the table, along with any dependencies between tasks.

4. Add start and end dates for each task, based on their duration and any dependencies.

5. Use Excel formulas to calculate the overall project duration and identify critical path tasks.

6. Add any necessary milestones or deadlines to the schedule.

7. Use conditional formatting or Gantt chart tools in Excel to visualize the schedule and track progress.

8. Update the schedule regularly to reflect changes in the project timeline or scope.

There are also pre-made construction scheduling templates, like this one from WPS, available online that can be customized for your specific project needs.

What should a construction schedule include?

A construction schedule should include the following:

  • Project tasks: A detailed list of all tasks required to complete the project.
  • Start and end dates: The start and end dates for each task, including dependencies.
  • Duration: The estimated duration for each task.
  • Resources: The resources required for each task, such as materials, equipment, and labor.
  • Budget: The budget for each task, including costs for labor, materials, and other expenses.
  • Milestones: Key milestones in the project timeline, such as completion of major phases or delivery of key materials.
  • Contingency plan: A contingency plan in case of delays or unexpected events.
  • Gantt chart: A graphical representation of the project schedule, including task duration, dependencies, and progress tracking.


It is important to note that the specific details and format of a construction schedule may vary depending on the project requirements and the construction management approach used.

What is construction scheduling software?

Construction scheduling software is a type of project management software specifically designed for the construction industry. It allows construction project managers and teams to create, manage, and track project schedules, tasks, resources, and budgets in real time. Construction scheduling software offers various tools and features that help streamline the project management process and improve communication among team members. This type of software may also include features such as time tracking, document management, and collaboration tools to enhance project visibility, productivity, and overall success.

A laptop screen displaying different construction scheduling software options with a person's hand holding a phone, highlighting the resource management features. This image represents the various software options available for construction companies to manage their resources efficiently through the use of construction scheduling software.

Which software is used for scheduling in construction?

Estimator360. Estimator360 is a full suite of software for managing your whole construction business. Project managers can rely on the tools inside Estimator360 to create project estimates that automatically generate construction schedules based on the assemblies in the estimate and the crew available to complete the job.

Why Use Construction Scheduling Software?

Construction scheduling is a critical part of any construction project, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to manage manually. Construction scheduling software can help streamline the process, making it easier to manage your projects and keep everything on track. With Estimator360’s construction scheduling software, you can:

  • Plan and schedule tasks for your crew and employees
  • Allocate resources, including equipment and materials
  • Track progress and monitor project timelines
  • Communicate with your team and stakeholders
  • Manage job costs and maintain budget control
  • Reduce human error
  • Get real-time reporting on the status of every project

What is Estimator360 and how does it help with project management?

Estimator360 is a powerful project estimating and management software designed specifically for the construction industry. Our software offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing complex projects and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. With our construction project management software, you can easily create, manage, and track project schedules, allocate resources, and control costs.

image listing the top benefits for Estimator360

How to Create a Construction Schedule with Estimator360

Creating a construction schedule can seem daunting, but with Estimator360’s construction project scheduling software, it’s easier than ever. Our software offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features designed to make scheduling a breeze. To create a construction schedule with Estimator360:

  • Start by creating an estimate for your project. Ensure that all Assemblies needed are included in your project estimate.
  • Once your project estimate is approved Estimator360 will automatically generate a project schedule for you based on the Assemblies used in the estimate.
  • Assign your crew members to the days they are working and they will receive a detailed list of tasks that they can track time against right from their mobile device.
  • View company wide and project based calendars with the click of a button.
Try Estimatr360 free for 21 days. All in one, total construction management software

Effortlessly Manage Your Construction Project Schedule with Estimator360’s Construction Management Software

Estimator360’s construction management software utilizes advanced scheduling tools to create an accurate and efficient project schedule. By using the estimate generated at the beginning of the project and the assemblies built into the system based on over 23 years of experience in the construction industry, contractors and construction teams can automatically generate a detailed project schedule in just a few clicks.

This software saves valuable time and effort for construction managers by eliminating the need to manually create project schedules. It also helps ensure the success of the project by taking into account the different trades and job sites involved, as well as the availability of resources and employees.

With Estimator360’s construction scheduling tools, construction managers can easily create Gantt charts and calendar views that provide a clear and concise overview of the project schedule. This allows for more efficient employee scheduling and reduces the likelihood of scheduling conflicts or delays.

Estimator360’s construction management software provides an efficient and effective way to manage construction projects. By automating the scheduling process, construction managers can complete their jobs more quickly and with less effort, ultimately resulting in a successful project.

The Benefits of Using Estimator360 for Construction Scheduling

Estimator360 offers a range of benefits for construction project scheduling, including:

Example of a Gantt chart used to manage construction projects.

User Friendly Interface

Estimator360’s project scheduling software is user-friendly, meaning that construction managers can easily create and manage schedules with minimal effort. The interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing users to navigate the system with ease. With Estimator360, scheduling teams across different trades and job sites is made easy, and the software can automatically generate Gantt charts and a calendar view for better visibility. This user-friendly approach to construction management software ensures that managers can complete their job more efficiently, freeing up time for other critical tasks. Estimator360 makes project scheduling less of a headache and more of a streamlined process.

Cost Control

Estimator360 is not just a powerful project scheduling tool but also a budgeting tool. With the software, you can track the progress of your project in real-time and keep an eye on job costs. This means you can maintain control over your budget and make informed decisions about the project. The software allows you to log the time spent by crew members and compare it to the budgeted time, so you can keep track of your spending and ensure that your project stays on track. By providing real-time cost tracking, Estimator360 gives you a better understanding of your project’s financial health and enables you to make informed decisions about resource allocation.

Catch Change Orders as They Happen

Estimator360 offers a unique feature that allows your crew to track their time on a project down to the specific task from the estimate. This feature ensures that all the work done on a project is accounted for, and you can easily identify any extra work that was out of scope. With this detailed tracking, you can generate change orders for any extra work and avoid leaving money on the table. This level of detail also helps you keep your project on track and within budget. Estimator360’s construction management software helps you streamline your workflow and ensure that every aspect of your project is accounted for.

A construction worker using the Estimator360 mobile app on a job site to manage projects


Stay Connected On-The-Go with Estimator360’s Mobile App for Construction Scheduling

Estimator360 offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, giving you the flexibility to access your project schedule and documents from anywhere. With the app, you can quickly check on the status of your project, view upcoming tasks, and access relevant documents. You can also track time for yourself or your crew members, with GPS location turned on if desired, and view reports of labor hours spent on each task (and ensure they logged that work on site). This level of convenience and accessibility is invaluable for construction managers who need to stay on top of their project even when they’re not in the office.


Efficient Construction Scheduling and Time Tracking with Estimator360

Estimator360’s scheduling and time tracking feature can save a construction project manager a significant amount of time. With the ability to create and adjust schedules quickly and easily, project managers can ensure their team is working efficiently and staying on track. The time tracking feature allows managers to keep a close eye on the amount of time being spent on each task, ensuring that deadlines are met and resources are used effectively. This feature also allows for quick identification of any potential bottlenecks in the schedule and the ability to make necessary adjustments. With Estimator360, project managers can streamline their scheduling and time tracking processes, saving time and increasing overall project efficiency.

To wrap up…

Construction scheduling can be a complex and time-consuming process, but with Estimator360’s construction scheduling software, it doesn’t have to be. The right software makes it easy to create and manage schedules, allocate resources, and keep your project on track. Whether you’re managing a large construction project or a small job, Estimator360 has the tools you need to succeed. So why wait? Sign up for Estimator360 today and take your construction business to the next level!

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