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Ditch the Spreadsheets and streamline your business - read the blog article

Written by Estimator360

On March 18, 2023

The Downfalls of Using Spreadsheets for Modular Estimates in Construction Management

Modular construction has gained popularity in recent years due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. But accurate and detailed estimates are crucial for the success of any modular building project. Unfortunately, many modular builders still rely on traditional methods such as custom-built excel spreadsheets to create their estimates. In this post, we’ll discuss the limitations of using spreadsheets and present a more comprehensive solution for modular construction management.

The Limitations of Spreadsheets for Modular Estimates

Using spreadsheets for modular estimates can be a stressful process, and it often comes with several limitations:

Time Consuming: Creating accurate and detailed estimates can be a time-consuming and manual process, especially if the project involves multiple components and suppliers. Custom-built excel spreadsheets may not be able to keep up with the complexity of the project and may require a lot of manual input, leading to increased chances of errors.

Limited Flexibility: Custom-built excel spreadsheets may have limited flexibility in terms of the data that can be captured and analyzed. They may not be able to accommodate the specific requirements of modular building projects, such as incorporating design changes or updating costs in real-time.

Limited Collaboration: Custom-built excel spreadsheets are typically designed for a single user, making it difficult for multiple team members to access and collaborate on the same estimate. This can lead to delays and inconsistencies in the estimate, and make it more challenging to keep everyone on the same page.

Inaccurate Data: The accuracy of the data in custom-built excel spreadsheets depends on the quality of the input, and errors can occur if the data is not entered correctly. This can result in inaccurate estimates and cost overruns, which can have a significant impact on the success of the project.

Inconsistent Totals: When you use a spreadsheet for your pricing calculations it is possible for two people to get two entirely different pricing results. This also could be possible from job to job. This impacts your margin on each project and can put in the red.

Lack of Integration: Custom-built excel spreadsheets may not be integrated with other project management tools, such as scheduling and budgeting software. This can lead to inefficiencies in the project management process and make it more difficult to track progress and manage costs.

image listing the top benefits for Estimator360

The Benefits of Modular Estimating Software

To overcome the limitations of spreadsheets, modular builders can turn to all-in-one modular estimating software. These solutions offer several benefits:

All-in-One Solution: Modular estimating software provides a comprehensive tool that integrates all aspects of modular construction management, including estimating, scheduling, and budgeting.
Real-Time Adaptation: With modular estimating software, builders can update costs and incorporate design changes in real-time, leading to a more accurate and up-to-date estimate.

Improved Accuracy: Modular estimating software can analyze and compare data, leading to more accurate estimates and reducing the risk of cost overruns. This is especially important when your crew includes multiple estimators that need to produce consistent and reliable estimates.

Enhanced Collaboration: Modular estimating software provides a centralized platform for team members to access and collaborate on the same estimate, improving communication and reducing delays.
Increased Efficiency: With streamlined processes and automation of manual tasks, modular estimating software can increase efficiency and save time and effort for modular builders.

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To wrap up…

Using spreadsheets for modular estimates can be challenging and result in errors and inefficiencies. Modular estimating software offers a more comprehensive and integrated solution, providing benefits such as real-time adaptation, improved accuracy, enhanced collaboration, and increased efficiency. Whether you’re a seasoned modular builder or just starting out, modular estimating software is an investment that can help you take your projects to the next level.


In today’s fast-paced construction industry, having the right tools is essential to staying competitive and successful. Modular estimating software provides a comprehensive and integrated solution that can help modular builders streamline their processes, improve accuracy, and increase efficiency. If you’re tired of relying on outdated and limited spreadsheets for your modular estimates, it’s time to consider an all-in-one modular estimating software solution.

Invest in the right tools for your business, and take your modular building projects to the next level with modular estimating software. 

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